SAP training: SAP MM,PP, SD, FICO & ABAP

SAP Training for :

Material Management (SAP-MM)

Course Overview:
Supports the MM, procurement and inventory functions occurring in day-to-day business operations such as purchasing, inventory management , reorder point processing.


Section I :Enterprise structure
Section II: Master Data of SCM
Section III: Purchasing
Section IV :Pricing Procedure Determination
Section V:  Inventory Management
Section VII: Physical Inventory
Section VII : Valuation
Section VIII :  Account determination
Section IX: Logistics Invoice verification
Section X: External Services Management.


Production Planning (SAP-PP)

Course Overview:
Production Planning consists of all master data, system configuration, and transactions to complete the Plan to Produce process. It includes the following information and processes:


Section I :Material Master, Bill of Material, Routing and Work Center data
Section II: Sales and Production Plans
Section III: Long Term Planning
Section IV :Demand Management
Section V:  Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
Section VI:  Capacity Planning Repetitive Manufacturing
Section VII:  Production Orders & Control
Section IX : Product Cost Planning Special Topics


Sales & Distribution (SAP-SD)

Course Overview:
Sales & Distribution (SD) is a module highly integrated with other SAP Modules as FI, CO, MM, PP & more. This can make SD a complex module, so as part of this Introduction we will also try to detail a normal sales process and how the activities integrate and are covered by this module.


Section I : Introduction to SAP & SAP R/3 Enterprise Structures
Section II: Master Data
Section III: Pricing  ( in depth pricing will be covered)
Section IV :Master Data
Section V:  Sales Documents
Section VII: Basic Functions
Section VII : Credit Management
Section VIII :  Delivery Processing
Section IX: Bill of Materials
Section X: Special business processes


Financial accounting & controlling (SAP- FICO)

Course Overview:
ERP training institute SAP Financials training covers a variety of subjects within SAP's FI module and includes topics such as the Accounting Customization, Asset Accounting, Controlling.


Section I : Introduction to SAP & SAP R/3 Enterprise Structures
Section II: Financial accounting global settings
Section III: New general ledger concept
Section IV :General ledger accounting and global settings
Section V:  General ledger Account receivable/account payable
Section VII: Asset accounting:
Section VII : Internal order
Section VIII :  Product cost controlling
Section IX: Profitability analysis
Section X: Profit center accounting &Financial statement versions.



Course Overview:
The SAP ABAP Programming course gives attendees an overview of the basic concepts and architecture of SAP ABAP. Attendees will get hands-on experience working with SAP ABAP, including how to design and create performance-optimized programs. Additional topics covered include: the new ALV object model, tools such as tools such as the SQL trace, Debugger, Code Inspector and runtime analyzer, Unicode conversion, graphical display and Dynamic Documents, generating output using charts, understanding RFCs, and the Enhancement and Switch framework.

Introduction to SAP & R/3 Architecture
What is Sap? , History & Features of SAP
  SAPR/2 Architecture(Limitations of R/2 Architecture)
  SAP R/3 Architecture(Types of work processes)
  SAP R/3 Application Modules
  SAP Landscape
Introduction to ABAP/4
  What is ABAP ? ,  Logon to SAP Environment
  Transaction Codes, Multitasking Commands
  Comments, Errors, ABAO/4 Editor(SE38)
  Steps for Creating a Program,  Elements in R/3 Screen
  Output Statements, Operators in ABAP
  Data types &Classification, Data Objects & Classification
  Text Elements, String Operations
  Control Statements, Field strings
ABAP Dictionary
  ABAP Dictionary Introduction ,Data Dictionary Functions
  Data dictionary Objects, Data base tables
  Structures, Views
  Data Elements, Types groups
  Domains, Search helps