ETABS - Analysis and Design of Buildings

High-rise buildings constitute a special class of structures involving complicated 3D modelling.
This course helps you in using ETABS to design High-Rise Structures subjected to Static Gravity and Lateral Loads.
ETABS is a Powerful computer program developed specifically for building structures. It provides the Structural Engineer with all the tools necessary to create, modify, analyze, design, and optimize building models. These features are fully integrated in a single, Windows-based, graphical user interface that is unmatched in terms of ease-of-use, productivity, and capability.
Course Syllabus:
Introduction, Objects, Templates, Floor information, Modelling/ Geometry ,Material properties, Section properties, Wall/Slab/Deck Sections, Drawing of point, line and area objects, Reference lines and planes, View Management, Object Selection, Options and preferences, Point object assignments, Line object assignments, Area object assignments, Load cases - Dead Loads/Live Loads/ Wind Loads/ Earthquake Loads, Load combinations, Load assignment, Analysis options, Analysis log, Text output, Undeformed shape and load plots, Deformed shape and result plots, Energy plots, Cut, copy and paste, Replicate, Frame and area meshing, Point and line extrusion,Text input file, Export options, Import options, Design of concrete beams and columns, Design of Shear Walls

STAAD.Pro training center in nagpur:

STAAD.Pro, the most popular structural engineering software product for 3D model generation analysis and design. It has an intuitive, user-friendly GUI, visualization tools, powerful analysis and design facilities we conduct Staad pro Institute Nagpur, Staadpro Classes Nagpur, Staadpro Courses Nagpur, Staadpro Coaching Institute Nagpur
Course Syllabus:
Introduction, Elements of the STAAD.Pro Screen, Starting a New Project, Defining Structure Geometry/ Modelling , Setting the Project Units, Assigning Member Specifications, How to specify member releases, Additional Member Specifications, Assigning Supports, Assigning Loads, Creating the First Load Case, Creating the Second Load Case, Creating the Combination Load Case, Performing the Analysis, Design Design Viewing the Output File, Preparing Structural Drawings.
Benefit from
After Completing the Course You Can Design Independently: Residential Houses/Commercial Complexes/Multi-Storied buildings, Your Technical Knowledge will be Improved a Lot , You Can make Interviews Better, You Can Start your Own Consultancy.

Archicad training center in nagpur

Archicad Architecture allows you an architect, designer, or technician to design and document a virtual representation of your project. Archicad Architecture is an integrated architectural design and documentation environment. You create a virtual building model of your design with intelligent building elements. These smart, parametric building elements automatically adjust and interact with the design environment, and at the same time you are creating views such as floor plans, sections, elevations, schedules, and so on.we conduct Archicad Institute Nagpur, Archicad Classes Nagpur, Archicad Courses Nagpur, Archicad Coaching Institute Nagpur, Archicad Coaching Classes Nagpur
Course Syllabus:
Archicad Architecture Basics, Exploring the User Interface Working with Archicad Elements and Families Starting a Project, Starting a Design ,Creating a Basic Floor Plan, Levels, Building Model, Walls, Doors Windows, Building Components, Managing Views, Using Dimensions and Constraints, Creating and Modifying , Floors, Modifying Ceilings, Modifying Roofs, Adding Curtain Walls, Creating Stairs and Railings, Detailing and Drafting, Creating Callout Views, Working with Detailed Views, Construction Documentation