Softwares Languages Traning

Syllabus for C Programming
C Programming , History of C,Data Types in C , Program Structure, Operators , Control Constructs, Writing C Program, Storage Classes, Functions, Call By Value, Call By References, Recursion, Arrays, Structure, Pointers, File Handling, Stack, Queue, Link List


Syllabus for Data Structures:
Algorithms, What is a Data Structure? Array, Lists, Stacks, Queues, Trees, graphs, Sorting Methods, Searching Techniques, Tables, Files


Syllabus for C++ C Programming
Introduction to OOP Concept, Features and Characteristic of OOPS, Constants, Variables, Arrays, Structure, Classes and Objects, Access Specifier(Private, Public, Protected), Constructors and Destructors, Member Functions, Friend Function, Pointer in C++, New, Delete, Operator, Function Overloading, Operator Overloading, Inheritance, Need, Types of Inheritance, Polymorphism, Virtual Functions, File Handling, Templates, Exceptional Handling


Syllabus for Visual C++
Introduction, Classes, Pointers and Dynamic Memory, Inheritance Polymorphism, Introduction to Windows, The Microsoft Foundation Classes , Resources, Messages and Message Maps, Collections and Serialization, Dialogs, Clipboard, Graphical Device Interface (GDI) , Defining Messages, Multitasking, Connecting to Databases, Overview of ATL and STL


Syllabus for VB .Net
Introduction, Application Architecture in .Net, Introduction to .Net Framework, Working with VB.Net, Programming with VB.Net, Introduction to OOPS Concept, Working with Object, Introduction to Database, Server Explorer, Creating Web Services


Syllabus for Core Java
Introduction to Java programming, Object-oriented programming with Java Classes and Objects, Inheritance, Exception handling with try-throw-catch-finally construct, The Object class, Working with types: Wrapper classes, Packages, Applets, Basics of AWT and Swing, Threads, The I/O Package, Basic concepts of networking, Database connectivity with JDBC


Syllabus for Advanced Java
Applet, Event Handling, Graphical user interface, Java Swing, Database and SQL Fundamentals, JDBC Fundamentals, Servlets, JavaServer Pages, RMI


Syllabus for Oracle 10G Advanced
Introduction To SQL, DBMS and RDBMS, Restricting and Sorting Data, Function, Sub Queries, Constraints , Creating Views, Database Objects, Controlling User Access , Operator , Oracle 9i Extension to DML and DDL Statements, Writing Executable Statements ControlExplicit Cursors, Working with Composite Data Types, Creating Procedure, Function, Subprograms Handling Exception Packages, Manipulating large objects, Trigger, Data Integrity, Enhancement, New Feature For Data, Warehousing, Business Intelligent Enhancement, Migration LONGS to LOBS, Objects and Collection Type, Enhancement, Performance Enhancement on PL/SQL, Globalization Support.